Rising Magma Records releases:


Vinyl gatefold 180grs
(200 Amber, 300 black)
[RMR6] / [LTF-016-LP]

Deluxe Digipack CD [RMR7]

Release date: January 30th, 2015

Upcoming new full length album by TANK86. Vinyl is a co-release with the awesome Lighttown Fidelity Records

Past releases:

TANK86 - Rise CD [RMR1]

Deluxe Digipack

Released: May 2011

Buy it here or at your local store

TANK86 - Rise LP [RMR3]

- 180 grams red/black vinyl - Deluxe gatefold sleeve - Limited to 500 copies

Release: April 14th 2012 @ Roadburn festival

Buy it here or at your local store


Split: TANK86 - Horde / SardoniS - To the Barn [RMR2]

7'' vinyl

 200pcs limited coloured vinyl only available through bands

 300pcs black vinyl available at your local store and bands

Release: 12 May 2012 at Antwerp Stonerfest organised by our heavy mates of Your Highness

Order it at TANK86 here or at SardoniS here or at your local store

IZAH / Fire Walk With Us - Split [RMR4]

Deluxe Digipack

Release: Dec 2012

Emperors - Night Rider [RMR5]

12" Vinyl

Release: Feb 2013

Duskhead - Duskhead EP

Digital distribution

Release: Jan 2013

Duskhead - Thousand Eyes EP

Digital distribution

Release: Apr 2014